Wednesday, June 07, 2006

ugh! and something completely hysterical

That's about how I feel about the weather (we might see the sun on Saturday) and work. It went from the most boring day ever to the most boring week ever. I really can't take it. They are just wasting my time. I could be off doing more productive doctor's appointments, or finding another job. And frankly at this point if my boss were to spontaniously burst into flames I would grab myself a stick and some marshmallows.

Did everyone enjoy 6-6-06? I sure did. And after my book club I took my love to see The Omen. It was good for a remake, though I still don't understand why they remade it. I know they wanted to take advantage of the date but why not restore the original and re-release it in theatres. It must be infinately cheaper. They did justice to many of my favorite scenes. I loved Mia Farrow as the nanny...the whole Rosemary's Baby connection just tickeled me. I really found the soundtrack lacking though. It was very unimpressive and usually find the music to be the heart and soul of a horror movie. Oh and I nearly bludgeoned to death some morons who wouldn't SHUT THE HELL UP during the movie. They really ruined it for us.

But here is your bit of the hysterical. My love and I were watching TV and an ad for the Nintendo DS came on. The familiar Mario Bros. music prompted him to ask me if I had seen a particular video yet. I immediately ran to ifilm to view it.

A Capella Nintendo themes! Not only are they sung a capella but the are chorographed!!!! The Tetris section was my favorite. You just have to go and see it. This totally turned around a horrible day.

Knitting...i'm plugging away on chart 3, which by far is my favorite so far.

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msfortuknit said...

didnt get to see it because I was so bloody busy with school, just made fin of first part of summer school! Im hopin to catch it this weekend, I totally dig the MF thing also! Im hypothesising that they did that the company did the omen as their remake to keep up with every one else and also the date thingy as you mentioned!

Glad your gettin your knit on!