Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rain rain go AWAY!

I had meant to write more on my last post but the thunder started to rumble. And it hasn't really stopped raining since. Which has totally obliterated my irises. But the roses are starting to bloom so I will have some pics of them soon.

June 1st was our 4th wedding anniversary. It was quite wonderful. We made breakfast of waffles and sausage. Then we went to Dinosaur State Park where we saw the exhibit and then hiked the trails. Then we came home to a light lunch and some lounging, showered, changed and off to dinner at our usual anniversary haunt. Then back home again. I think next year we are going to spend it in NYC which is where we got engaged.

I had a question or two about the pedicure socks. Well here they are. Mine are out of Cascade 220 since I have a bit of it on hand. Like I said, I have knit only 3 socks...not 3 pairs. All has been abandoned for the shawl.

Speaking of the is going fairly well. I did have to tink back 2 1/2 rows last night but otherwise it is not that bad. (i know i just cursed myself). It is a bit of a struggle with the lace weight on circular needles. My style of knitting doesn't exactly suit itself to circs and I'm not use to the lace weight at all. The yarn is delightful however, and the charts aren't the hassle I thought they would be. I'm a few rows short of finishing the second chart. I would post the pic but blogger apparently hates the pics of my shawl.

I finally ordered my shoes for the wedding in July. I'm rather picky about shoes. The MUST be comfortable. So these are my first try. I hope the red works with my dress, not that you will really see my feet anyway. Now I need to find a bra. I'm actually looking for something a little more corset like. It has to be strapless and I don't want it to go low in the back. They stay up better if they don't, but its hard to find a strapless bustier without the low back. And my sure thing store has gone from independent to chain and their stuff sucks now. I hate that. I swear once they find out I like something, they change it. Like the good staple pullers. Grrr

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msfortuknit said...

Gawd I love those red and blacks tons! And did you know that my avatar has the exact same outfit on the only diff is shes brown and has a crow! Oh we will get on famously! hahaah

Cheers for letting me add you!