Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hockey and Shawls

The Hurricanes Won!!! Woo Hoo!!!

I know what you are thinking. I'm not really a sports person at all. I hate most of them and most of their fans...but for some reason i LOVE hockey. I love to watch it and I really, REALLY get into it. I once turned down a guy asking me to dance (which never happened to me) because I was watching a hockey game. Game 7 was an exciting game to watch and I was able to keep my stitches on my needles. However, when the Hurricanes made the third goal to an empty net I cheered so loud that I scared the cats. Poor kitties.

AND I managed to get 5 rows done on the shawl. I'm behind where I would like to be. I have only 5 rows left in chart 4; a chart I had hoped to complete on Sunday. Chart 5 looms before me. It is the largest of them all...requiring to be copied, cut and pasted together because it couldn't fit on one page. After 5 it looks quite managable. Chart 6 is only 10 rows and 7 starts the border pattern in one of my favorite stitches. I don't have more pics because its just a blob....i swear there will be some at somepoint this week. I the mean time is a pic of me knitting at a goth club taken about a year and a half ago. Enjoy!


Mouse said...

Your sidebar is at the bottom of the page because one of your graphics in your blog posts recently is too wide and forced it down. I'd imagine it is the crossed pitchfork picture. Blogger is very picky about how wide your photos are in order to keep your side margins. Hope that helps!

Gothknits said...

Thanks...fixed it.

msfortuknit said...

what an adorable photo!