Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Weekend Update

I know...I know...I'm a bad little blogger. I should have posted many a time this weekend but didn't. It was a rather eventful weekend.

I was off from work and spent most of the day catching up on things. Unfortunately it wasn't most of the things I should have been dealing with. However I did get around to felting the bags. As you can see it didn't go quite as planned.

How did this happen??!!?? because I was lazy. When knitting the 'm' I didn't see the need to bobbin for each of the legs of the letter. It was getting felted so why bother. Then I pulled the yarn a tad to tight in between runs. I wasn't sure how this would felt so I cut the yarns and tied them off and wove them in. It was partly sucessful because the center leg turned out just fine. I'll just sew it down and spot felt those areas. I certainly learned my lesson that time. I hope.

Knitter's Breakfast at Fabric Place. A well attended trunkshow and sale at a fabulous store plus a lite breakfast. Fantastic selection of fabric and above average yarn selection for a chain. Met up with the SnB group for a touch of tailgating before going in. Bailey's coffee and mimosas. I, as usual, was running late. It was rather enjoyable but zooish. Part of the joy of going, I have to admit, is feeling a bit superior to some of the knitting crowd. Not to be mean but there is a lot of bad taste out there expressing itself with yarn...usually furry yarn. I know I shouldn't be a snob about it, but there is so much more to the craft. Ok off the soapbox before I start a rant. Big crowds of people tend to set me in frenzy mode, so a bit of it was spent hanging on the sidelines till it thinned out. It was nice having the Cascade rep there but too bad we could hardly hear her.
I did behave myself shopping though. I got some more Foliage in a lovely blue for more boot socks. (this is what my first pair of socks was made in mere months ago), a skein of Malabrigo pure merino in Purple Mystery, and a set of Brittanys to replace the needles sacrificed at the hockey game. I also bought some tulle for my best friends bridal veil, and some calico I've been eyeing (and thought they were out of). Overall not a bad trip, though there was some unpleasantness regarding a return, but that's a story for another time.
From there it was home for a bit of cleaning and then off to the Home Show. We got a few good ideas there and a lot of expensive ones as well. This was the first year it was at the new convention center. Most of my drool was on the hardwood flooring and jaccuzzi tubs.
After that it was off to David's Bridal to order my bridesmaid's dress and up to the mall for a bite. Then we came home and painted on our Warhammer minatures. That's when I spilled the gold paint on my favorite down lap blanket. With some magical skill, WD40, and Fels-Naptha soap all was not lost, but I was done for the night.

Ah Sunday...I finally made it to the back room to sand and put up another coat of joint compound. That took most of the day. Then dinner at home and off to the Oscar party. Thank you again Audrey for a wonderful time. It was formal or come dressed in a movie themed costume. There were many a cowboy there. I ended up in my slinky black dress because my love wouldn't let me go in my Carrie costume. He never lets me have any fun. Here's a pic of me in it.

Yes, that's him in red dress. It was a friend's Seven Deadly Sins party (come as your favorite sin) I was Highschool and he was Bad Drag/Worst Blind Date Ever. There is still red dye all over my house.

so that is where I have been.

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Lisa and Robb said...

Oh that's so totally great! A theater company in Baltimore (Mongrel Theater) used to throw a Mongrel Prom every year as a fundraiser.. I shopped and shopped, but never found that perfect Carrie dress.

So glad to see that you had a chance to be Carrie!!!