Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vive la Revolution!!

Check out all the back story here; they explain it better than I ever could. You don't piss off knitters...its like pissing off librarians.

Well the crap with SFSE is starting to hit home. We are awaiting the latest round of bull from them about the term Stitch and Bitch. Some how they are starting to now lash out at anyone who uses the initals, SnB....they are FUCKING INITALS. If they want to be that way then fine...I am going to trademark the letters T, H, and E. Try to write your stupid cease and desist orders now.

I suggest we just keep our initials and call ourselves pSychotic kNitting Bitches. I mean the "p" and the "k" are silent so we wouldn't use those letters. Its like promoting the guy who shows up and looks like he's working but he's talking into a phone that isn't plugged in.

I spent much of my day not sanding the 2nd bedroom and reading up on all of this.Here's another good site for it. Oh and I did a little update/organization of the sidebar.

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