Friday, March 03, 2006

The Gnomes are back

You know...gnomes...those pesky little critters that move stuff around your house. Well they are back. I wish they would at least dust while moving things or at least slap up some joint compound. Sheesh. Their latest victim is my felting bag. Its just a zippered bag I felt everything in. I've looked in all the usual places and a few unusual ones as well, but it seems to be well hidden. I've grabbed another pillow protector to felt for today. Its not really such a big deal that it is missing, but then again it is. It irritates me when my 'tools' are missing. I have a habit of living in organized choas, but I like my work areas VERY organized. I tend to be psychotic about it. When I am in the throws of a creative moment I don't want to be looking for that critical tool that will make or break my stride. Espcially when I am painting and the paint has its own ideas counter to my own. I want to run to where what I need is and grab it, not search frantically, swearing a blue streak while the fuckup dries on me. *sigh*

Wow that was really random, wasn't it.

Obviously I'm going to be doing some felting today. I should be putting up more joint compound but frankly I don't feel like it. I will tomorrow, AFTER my love hooks up the heat duct to that room. It makes it just a wee bit more comfortable working. Felting bags...woo hoo....but the joy will be short lived. For once they are felted and dried, then comes the dreaded zipper. Kyoto is coming along slowly. Boring stockinette at the moment. Boring boring boring. Even though the olympics are officially over I am however going to keep to my goal of finishing these projects before I start new ones. And yes, it has me climbing the walls. I suppose I should throw up some compound while up there.

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Jenny R said...

Don't worry, P. The gnomes eventually get bored & go bother someone else. I keep scrolling down to your mitered blankie & admiring it. Was that a pattern, or just you doing your thing?

(Jenny from SnB)