Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm so mad right now. Its Friday and rainy. I got out early so I went to do my running cat food, hit Target for various items, trade a movie at BB and get some wine to enjoy a night at home. And the stupid beyotch at the liquor store said it wasn't me on my license and wouldn't serve me. I'm 30 phucking years old!! I know I look young but I sure the hell look like the picture on my license....know why....BECAUSE IT'S ME!!!! Well they just lost our business, which really sucks because they have a great wine selection and we are in there all the time. I'm writing the manager to complain. It's great and all that they check but don't tell me my actual license is fake. Especially when she's rung me out before!!! This really put me over the edge this evening. I just want some frickin Pinot Grigio! Is that too much to ask! I need to go have a nervous breakdown now.


. . . geeky painter . . . said...

Oh good lord! I wonder if they had recently gotten into trouble? back when I was a bartender, I understood that if I served an under aged drinker, I was liable for a 2,000 dollar fine. I carded *everyone.*

Gothknits said...

I don't mind getting carded, but when my license says I'm old enough I want my drink. I don't think I should have to bring my social security card and my passport to buy a damn bottle of wine.