Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chilly and damp

That's what it is now. The cooler temperatures are just wonderful but the wet isn't. I'm glad for the rain. We really need it (I was beginning to worry about my trees) but it makes the paint take forever to dry.

Everyone else went out for lunch today so I have a chance to write. I have a ton of painting pictures and some others to post when I am home and conscious long enough to do so. I finished my Flame boot socks, so now I am without a traveling project. I think I may make a pair of leg warmers out of junk yarn to wear when I am painting in my socks. I'm actually hunting (rather passively, I must admit) for the Elizabeth Zimmerman sock pattern where you knit the top and then pick up around to do the bottom of the foot and the heel so that if they wear out you can unravel that part and reknit it. I would do some painting socks with something cushier on the bottom to save my poor little feet.

I'm rather tired lately. I'm trying to stick to a healthy diet but this busy schedule really kinda kills that. Hey at least I am drinking cans of V-8 instead of Red Bull.

I had dental work today and some Novocaine. I have to say I totally love my dentist. He is the only one who can give me a shot and I don't feel a thing.

I haven't even put up my Halloween decorations yet. I'm really slacking this year. I may tonight...I still have to paint at the high school but with this humidity I think I'll be done for the night once I get the coat of primer on.

Sorry for the really boring post. Love won't be home till past midnight so I'll try to post pictures this evening.


. . . geeky painter. . . said...

You are a constant amazement to me. Dang, girl! You have so much energy, and get so much accomplished!

Gothknits said...

Crazy is useful in that way.