Monday, October 29, 2007

A day off...

I took today off at my boss's suggestion. I'm rather caught up on the show that's not loaded in for another 2 weeks. Actually I'm waiting for them to build the last few pieces. I'm done with Macbeth at the high school. I'm home alone on a lovely fall day and loving it. I slept in with a cat curled up on either side of me.
I have a fair amount planned for today. I've got tons of pictures to upload and post. Now that I use Flickr it takes me a little longer to do so. I'm going to clean the house today since that has been on the back burner for a bit. I need to get the kitchen back in order...cupboards that were emptied to move them for the new fridge are still empty. I've had the sewing bug lately too. I made out like crazy at the 99c pattern sale at Joann's last week. I'm going to hit BB and trade another movie and sit and play with my sewing machine and/or my needles. I'm going to cook a real dinner tonight too.
It's so lovely to have my life back.

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Kris said...

So glad to hear things are settling down for you! Hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday! See you soon,