Friday, October 12, 2007

A New Leaf

This is my new resolution. Thank you Mouse for directing me to this, and thank you, Tiffini for starting this.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (blame the clapboards)and I'm starting to make some choices. Like the high school show for example. It has sucked up my fall every year (minus my first year out here, but I had no friends then so...)and autumn is my favorite season. The lead up to Halloween is just delightful. But the shows get bigger every year and I miss more and more of the season. And the neighbors will kill us if we don't get out and rake soon. So this is last show. They are trying to keep me on, at least for the winter show, but I doubt they can convince me. I have too many other project that I would like to work on. And I missed Rhinebeck because of the show last year. So I decided, hell they are going to work around my schedule this year and I'm going to Rhinebeck and the Renn Faire next weekend. They will just have to deal with it. I'm going to live my life and enjoy the things I want to.

And so this pledge with my blogging. I'll blog when I can and not feel guilty about it. So there!

Now I'm gonna go and pull out my Halloween decorations and then sit on my arse and knit on my ballet wrap cardigan while watching tv rot.


Mouse said...

hooray for choices! I'm glad that you've decided to simplify your life for the sake of happiness. I love Halloween too.. I've yet to do any decorating this year though.

Rach said...

Well, it did seem that the school was the way for you to keep creative outside the hassle of work. You've found other outlets now. It's time to move on. Especially they seem to take you for granted.

Good Luck and Have Fun

Are you hitting Rochester? Jack and I went to CT when I first got there. It's pretty small. SCA had some good fighting demonstrations though.

. . . geeky painter . . . said...

good for you! go live your life, not the one you feel obligated to live!