Sunday, October 07, 2007

A few hours respite

I've got a few hours break today. Floor tiles can't be recoated until later and the head must dry. The eye is waiting on its here I sit at home. (wondering what the hell I'm talking about??? Read this)

Love is at strike today. 8 am to 7pm. Then tomorrow (work weeks run Monday through Sunday there) starts his 88 hour week. The number just seems unreal. What really is unreal is that upper management actually signed off on this! I swear they are trying to kill him. In situations like this I do my best to keep him in food and pain killers. Dinner is currently cooking in the crock-pot and smells delicious.

I've been doing a fair amount of thinking and soul searching this week. Boring painting will do that to you. Miles and miles of painting both sides of clapboard, board by board, twice on once side, once on the other, don't forget the edges will defintely get you turning inward. I've come to a decision on something. It is amazing how resigned to it I am, once I had finally made this decision. And yes, I'm being cryptic for a reason. I really need to tell the powers that be involved before I start shouting it from the roof tops.

On another note have you seen this:

Sweeny Todd Trailer

I can't wait for this! One of my favorite musicals (if not the very favorite) with some of my most favorite people. Everyone else will be waiting for Santa this christmas...I'll be waiting for Mr. Todd.


Mouse said...

A few months ago someone pointed me in the direction of the pre-production stills on IMDB of Sweeny Todd and I nearly screamed when I saw it was Tim Burton/Johnny Depp & HBC -- The movie trailer made me disturbingly happy just now. I'm very excited and now cannot wait until Christmas either.

Rach said...

Oh, man....

I just can't wait to see this. Definitely going to see a matinee of this one