Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend at a glance

I made fair knitting progress this weekend. I finished the first foliage sock. The second black Knuck is nearly done. I had spaced a little at SnB on Wednesday and did 10 more rows than I needed to. So I frogged it back and got it to the cuff last night. I'll keep working on the socks at lunch. I still need to cast on the right front of the Ballet Wrap Cardigan. I'll probably do that after here.

I've been spending some time on Ravelry as well. I put in my needles and discovered a bunch of oddballs. I'll find an artistic use for them somewhere. I joined a bunch of groups and found some of my friends. I haven't posted at any of the groups yet. I need to pace myself...especially since we have only the one computer.

Today is Sunday...therefore cooking day. I made a pot of homemade sauce and meatballs to get us through the week. We both have a few late working days and this will make for easy fend for ourselves dinners. I'm also making cream of cauliflower soup. Its a great recipe with a nice blend of the vegetable and curry.

The big adventure happened today. One of the cats from the basement made her escape. Love was just far too trusting and she got out. We ran right out and found her under someone's car...which she promptly climbed into the engine. We tracked down the owner to pop the hood to coax/force her out. Then she took off on us...and has yet to be seen. We've set up the trap with some food hoping hunger and longing for her siblings will bring her back. Love is beside himself. She is his favorite and the most sociable out of the bunch. He's really beating himself up for this, claiming that he's as good as killed her. I scolded him for the stupid move at first but he's so upset with himself that I had to apologize and try to reassure him as much as I can. It's not doing much good. Hopefully I'll have some good news on this front soon...I hope we find her before the coyote does.

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