Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kitty sighted

I saw her out front when I got home from working late last night. We got so excited and tried to coax her with treats but she took off again. If I see her tonight I'm just going to leave her alone. We put more food out and some water, so who knows...we may have a trapped kitty today. One can only hope its the one we want. When we originally trapped the kittens we got two neighborhood cats as well. Lets pray the skunks stay away...how does one safely let a trapped skunk out of a cage???


Christine said...

Before letting the skunk out, maybe first wear a trash bag, rubber gloves and a shower cap sort of as a protective shield -- I'm just saying.

Open the cage and back away slowly. I do believe skunks have really bad eyesight, so maybe if you move slowly away it won't see quick movements and freak. Once the cage is open it should scoot out on its own, but on its own time.

. . . geeky painter. . . said...

throw a ratty towel over the cage before you try to trap anyone. If you catch a skunk, he'll be less stressed if covered.