Thursday, September 13, 2007


HA! We got her. She was in the cage this morning. I went down to give the lot second breakfast and there she was with her siblings. Love didn't even tell me he got her. She fwoomped on her side and begged to be petted. She had a few melted whiskers and what we think are minor burns on her ears from when she crawled into the hot car engine. Well at least that adventure is over.

On the plate for today...going to the doctor and not sure if I'm still insured and finishing the damn opera. I hope to have pictures on the painting blog of that tonight.


omly said...

Glad to here that that all worked out.

roxtarchic said...

so glad you got the lil runaway... and i gotta tell ya... the skunk trap post... made me realize there's a whole new group of critters (besides those d@mn turkeys) that i may encounter now that i'm a bumpkin! hahah

and how did he know to throw a towel over it... i'd have called the police! hahahah