Saturday, September 01, 2007

Knitting update

I actually have some knitting to show you. I've been a busy little bee...

These are my purple Knucks. I still haven't decided on embroidery yet so they'll stay plain for now. The yarn is Silky Wool. One skein with a fair amount left over. I lengthened the cuffs to 2 inches since I like my gloves to come up higher. Yes, these are actually for ME! I'm halfway through a pair for my little brother. I'll have those done soon enough.

Then there is my Ballet Wrap Cardigan from Interweave Knits. The yarn is from a sweater I got at Goodwill. I don't remember the content but I'll find the tag when I post the completed project. The back is finished and this is the left front. I'm loving how fast the bulky yarn is knitting up.

This lovely little creature is my Foliage boot sock. You may remember the blue ones I made my mum or the green ones I made myself. These are for me. I fear the warehouse that I will be working in at my new job will be quite chilly in the winter, so warm socks for me. I love, love, LOVE the colorway. It reminds me of Autumn, my favorite time of year. This was the project I took to the hospital with me. They got a kick out of my knitting in pre-op. Good I had it too, the doctor was held up and I went in for surgery about an hour late. It helped (somewhat) to keep my mind off how hungry I was. (No eating after midnight and surgery scheduled for 2pm. When asked if I needed anything my reply was "a cheeseburger')

As for me. I'm doing better. Glad to have gotten through my last few days in retail hell. Physically I am recovering; still a little pain, but getting better day by day. Emotionally I'm...I really don't know. I have to say my husband has been the greatest through all of this. After he brought me home from the hospital he went and bought all the foods I couldn't eat while pregnant (smoked salmon, smoked salmon spread, and a wheel of brie as big as my head). He also bought me Gone with the Wind. My all time favorite movie. I knit the whole back of the ballet cardigan while watching that.

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