Monday, September 17, 2007

blah blah blah

Life has been plugging along as usual. I tried blogging this weekend but it was so damn slow...Don't mind me...I had a gin and juice and I'm fairly tipsy.

So knitting update.

Ballet wrap: started last I'm to the "must pay attention" part and haven't been in the mindset.

Black knucks: I had to reknit the second glove (again). It was too loose and noticeably so. Now all that remains is the grafting of the holes between the fingers and the embroidery.

Autumn socks: First sock done. Doing the foot on the second. I should get to the toes during lunch tomorrow.

I'll have to find another project to knit at lunch.

I was going to write more but typing coherently is not working well. Gin and blogging do not mix.

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