Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You'd Do If You Won the Big Powerball Jackpot.

$338 Million dollars. What wouldn't I do? But I suppose I could narrow it down to the top ten.

  1. Pay off our debt- mainly the credit card debt that three summers of unemployment has put us into. There's probably enough there to knock out the mortgage as well. 
  2. New car for the husband- he has my old car and the thing is falling apart. It's on the verge of being a death trap. I'd really like to get him a pickup that has a full back seat (for car seats). I really like the one that has in floor storage too...I don't remember the truck. My car I love and I'd just do all the work to it that we've been putting off and a new set of tires.
  3. Daycare/Kindergarten tuition- This is our biggest money suck right now. We pay more to our daycare each month than we do to our mortgage. And frankly the kindergarten program there would probably better for Little Dude, but the costs are killing us. I'd set aside the funds for these in a separate account and just pay them from there and not have to worry about it. 
  4. The house- I would get This Old House to come on board and help us redo the house. Make the basement not leak. Give me enough hot water to fill the tub all the way. Finished walls, finished stair cases, finished floors. No plywood to be seen anywhere, except in the workshop. I'd have my studio/office. The kids would have their playroom. And we'd make it all adaptable and ADA compliant, so should my MS take me along the path of greater disability, the house would still be able to be home.
  5. Set aside money for schooling- for the kids, for myself and my husband. Learning should never end. I'd probably start a scholarship or two.
  6. Invest in the CNC machine- It's a project my husband has been dreaming of and planning for years. I'd like to make it happen. Maybe then he'd quit and do that for a living. Personally I think I'd push him to quit and then start a local MakerSpace. He's the kind of guy that has to be doing something.
  7. Donate to MS research and assistance programs- no brainer on that one.
  8. Make a large donation to the Hartt school- specifically in regards to the scene shop. Helping us along to a new space that is proper and safe (and has heat and a/c!) I'm terrified that we're going to get stuck building sets in a closet somewhere when they are tired of paying for this place. 
  9.  Payback my parents for all the money they spent on my college, braces, etc...- it's the least I could do.
  10. Buy yarn/fabric/craft supplies- with my studio done, and the bills paid, I think I could finally indulge in some artistic lovelies. I'd get my Kromski and buy all the sock yarn that I want. Get a good serger and proper dress form. Have a sewing cabinet made. Get some new brushes and paints. Buy a stock of some acid dyes and see where that leads. Oh if only.
I noticed after reading what others wrote...I never thought about quitting my job. I love my job. It keeps me sane (which is a very scary though). I'd just make it easier for me to do my job. I guess it's hard to shake off the practical Capricorn in me. 

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