Saturday, March 09, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Little Miss

(oops posting this a day late...her birthday was Friday the 8th)

My little girl two today, which I guess in some respects makes her a Big Girl.

 I'm still amazed at how big she has gotten. What a difference two years makes.

 Little Miss has a strong personality. She's a girl who when she knows what she wants, she's determined to get it. She's also a girl who understands the power of cute and isn't afraid to use it. (Unfortunately for her, Mommy is immune. I often tell her, "That look doesn't work on me. Mommy invented that look.") Little Miss loves books and being read to.

Likes: Kitties, Hello Kitty, Elmo, Muppets (knows Miss Piggy by name. Calls Beaker 'MeMe' and Animal "LALALA" because of this video), Mommy, Daddy, her brother, climbing, doing whatever her brother is doing, books and reading, her monkeys, her binky, Batman (her third word), babies.

Dislikes: Being told 'No', waiting, having her face wiped, loud noises (vacuum, screw gun, compressor), eating vegetables (unless they are pureed and come in a pouch), and missing out on what is going on.

I gave her a choice between cookies and cupcakes to take to school (daycare) and share with her friends. Little Miss requested cookies. And because I am insane I decided to take it to the next level. Hello Kitty cookies with flooded icing. It's a project I've been wanting to try for a while and this was a perfect opportunity (well it would have been more perfect if her birthday had been earlier in the week and I had the weekend to try this). 

No one had the Hello Kitty cookie cutter in stock, and not having time to order one online I improvised. I drew the face on an index card and cut it out. I cut around that pattern to cut the dough. Slightly more time consuming but effective nonetheless.

I will confess to using a sugar cookie mix. In a pinch it will do, and they really weren't too bad.
Once baked I piped the black out line with the stiff frosting.

Cute, no?

Then with the thinner frosting I 'flooded' the area of the face and the bow. After that I repiped the eyes and added the whiskers. I didn't get pictures of myself doing it because it is hard to do that and take a picture at the same time. I'll do more in depth instructions/pictures the next batch. I really like these and will be doing them again.

The room full of two year olds and their teachers thought they were fabulous. I'm rather proud of myself. Up close they're not fantastic looking but considering it was around midnight and it was my first attempt, I think I did a pretty damn good job.

The only problem is that I didn't get them packaged up before she saw them and the whole morning it was "Cookie. Cookie." I love ya kid, but no cookies for breakfast. Not even on your birthday.

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Rachel Cutler said...

Impressive Mom & Mia. Happy Day!!!