Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Reasons You're Happy it's March

I have many, many reasons I'm happy that it is March.

  1. What is that big, bright, shiny thing?!?!? OMG!! IT'S THE SUN!!!! I am far more productive when it is sunny out. One wonders if I would have been half as depressed as I was in my formative years if I didn't grow up in a place where the sun is lacking for weeks at a time. Along the same vein, would I have MS as well?
  2. The new MS therapy I am waiting for is *suppose* to be released this month. (more on that later)
  3. My Little Miss turns TWO!!  o_O
  4. We are finally working on my set design and the stress and angst are coming to head and becoming something. I'm not sure if it will completely fail or be a success but the waiting is over.
  5. I will finally be getting paid for the above.
  6. I am only wearing about 5 layers of clothing to work, instead of 17. 
  7. The potential to open the windows. Oh how I'm aching to open the windows and clean out the house.
  8. We can start taking walks around the block again. The kids need to get out and burn off some energy and the exercise wouldn't hurt us either.
  9. Flowers. (perhaps not but there is always the hope of). I try to remember where the crocus are in my yard and keep an eye out for them.
  10. Girl Scout cookies. (come to me my Thin Mints)


Beverly said...

Oh, I forgot that Girl Scout cookies will be arriving soon!

Kim said...

I'm so envious of anyone for whom this is Girl Scout cookie season. Next year I need to make sure I'm friends with someone who has a girl.

Gothknits said...

I remember selling them this time of year and constantly getting yelled at for tempting people during Lent. Hey, if you can't resist a little box of cookies for a few weeks, you've got bigger issues.

I'm waiting for the call. I've not been contacted yet...but I can hear the thin mints calling to me.