Thursday, July 29, 2010

This is what happens...

when you're not paying attention. So apparently Berroco has discontinued Foliage when I wasn't looking. This is my go to yarn for my thick work boot socks. The yarn works great for the pattern I have, they keep my feet warm and it wasn't so expensive that I minded too much if I get paint on them. Now I must scour the Universe to keep me in work socks for a while.

On the Ishbel front aside from those few mystery stitches and a lost stitch last night (that I found easily this afternoon) I am chugging along. It is a lovely knit. I'm nearly done with Chart C. That leaves D and E (E being a single row). I might have FO before the month ends....or at least before the weekend ends.

Must ponder the next project so I don't lose steam.

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