Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I thought this might be a good kick in the arse to get me posting again.

This week's topic: 10 Ways to Celebrate Summer.

  1. Eat a Popsicle while sitting on your front steps. It is a summertime must.
  2. Go for a hike/walk in the woods. There is nothing more peaceful than the woods on a hot summer day. The shadowed world under the canopy is magical to me and takes me back to my childhood and the countless camping trips. The smell of moss and ferns, the sounds...sheer summertime delight. The summer woods are far different world than in the fall, which has its own special allure.
  3. Run through the sprinkler. I am currently teaching my son this joy, which apparently takes a little time to warm up to.
  4. Build a sandcastle....bonus points if it has a moat.
  5. Buy fresh corn from a farm stand. Grill it, and enjoy.
  6. Find a small independent ice cream stand and indulge in some soft serve.
  7. Sweltering in the heat? Go to a museum. They are air conditioned and you might be inspired.
  8. Go to the farmer's market and make sure to buy produce you've never tried before. Most of the sellers are wonderfully helpful with suggestions and recipes for their products. Plus you are helping out the local economy.
  9. Go to at least one fireworks show.
  10. Take some time to lay in the grass with a beverage of your choice and a book and just enjoy yourself. Better yet a book you wouldn't want most people catching you read. (Trashy romance novels tend to be my secret literary indulgence.)

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