Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I will confess I don't watch a lot of TV anymore. We don't have cable. I only let the Little Dude watch PBS and DVD's. I will admit that he's had a lot more TV this summer than I would like but between my surgery and his injuries it was the easiest way to keep him occupied that didn't involve me running around or him getting his bandages into sand/water/mud/what-have-you.

Ten Things to Do Instead of Watching TV
  1. Knit (duh!) ---I do admit that I knit in front of the TV most of the time, but I usually listen rather than watch. The TV does make me look up from the knitting every now and then and that's not bad.
  2. Sewing---a crafty thing I just can't do while watching TV.
  3. Spin---something soothing and wonderful. I find the wheel very meditative.
  4. Read---In my hiatus of blogging I've been reading a lot. I often fall asleep in bed with a book.
  5. Cook--- Try new recipes, learn to can or just make something to share.
  6. Garden--- If you have a yard, get out there and pull some weeds. I'm pretty against chemical warfare on my lawn so most weed control is done by hand, hence my horrible looking lawn. Start a garden. If you don't have land of your own lots of places have community gardens.
  7. Go for a walk/hike/jog---I mean, really, who out there couldn't use more exercise.
  8. Spend some playtime with a child---they really do keep us young.
  9. Volunteer---there are so many non-profits that need help, pick your cause and go for it.
  10. Spend some quality time with a loved one--- I think this speaks for itself but I know that my Love and I tend to get so caught up in the day to day that we neglect the romance. Pack a picnic and go off somewhere just the two of you.

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