Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things in Motion

So, it has been an eventful set of days lately. Tuesday I was subjected to an all day meeting further down the state for work. I was a little late getting there because they decided they would turn off every other set of traffic lights on the main road and teach the police cadets to direct traffic. Not fun. The meeting was rather informative on somethings, repetitive on others, and utterly infuriating on the basics. Such as, how the hell can I train my staff when I only have about 7 hours of overlap time a week when you take out the time I have to sit in meetings and/or run the store? More training on less payroll.
Wednesday I awoke to the joy of another UTI. When I finally got through to the doctor's office, the nice lady on the phone asked if I wanted to come in that day or the next?!?!?! I'm sorry but when I'm peeing razor blades, sooner is better. Yesterday is better. But now I'm doing better on my antibiotics and the magic red pills, though pumping my body this full of liquids always makes me a little blah. The doctor's visit did yield some good things however. We've been playing telephone tag with them about the rest of our in/fertility testing. Now we have those answers. There will be more tests next month, but at least we have some idea of what is going on. Wednesday night is also when my MIL arrived for a visit. Don't cringe...I actually adore my MIL.
Thursday I still had to close the store...that's more work stuff that we just won't bring up. Let's just say despite the UTI and being on antibiotics I still came home and had a gin and tonic.
Friday was the bearer of news I can't quite talk about yet. We also took a trip to Mystic Aquarium (hence the mermaid avatar.) The weather was a tad yucky but it was fun. I touched a starfish and several types of crabs in a little hands on area. Kodiak is HUGE! And then it was time for MIL to head home. I crashed for most of the evening.
Today was Connecticut Sheep and Wool. I was a very good girl. All I spent was the parking fee. Nothing really jumped out at me and screamed 'You must buy me!' so I didn't. The only thing I really considered was a needle felting dragon kit, but it was a little out of my intended price range. I did, however, sit a bit at a spinning wheel. I have a drop spindle that I love and a wheel is a far off hope. I haven't spun in a while...actually my spindle is full and I don't quite know what to do next. I did like the wheel I tried today. I was quite horrible at it, but it felt good. Much better than the single treadle that I tried before. Its another hobby on the horizon. Karen got a picture of me at it...I'll post it when she sends it to me. She skillfully enabled blogless Rachel into her first wheel.

Tomorrow (and various days over the next three weeks) I will be off painting with my old boss Lisa, who happens to be my favorite boss ever! I'm so excited. Its off in a little town in New York just north of NYC. I'll have some fun pics from that. And its for one of my favorite designers. I'm actually taking this who thing as a good omen for something else.

Oh and I stopped and picked up my comics today. Rachel, I didn't see Powers but I'll check next time. I had met my shopping quota on this trip anyway.

Well, my love is done cutting up pipes so I think I'm safe to move about the house now. He's replacing the pipe made of duct tape to one made of pvc. silly boy.


Mouse said...

I remember visiting Mystic Aquarium when I was about 8 or 10.. and I loved it. I would love to take my son there when we visit New England in the next few years.. husband has never been North of Pennsylvania, and I have to remedy that.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wheeee!!!! I'm so thrilled that we'll be working together again!!!!

Rach said...

I love Mystic Aquarium. Did you get to see them feed the harbor seals? They are just soooo cute. The shark tank is cool too.

Obsidian Kitten said...

i learned to spin on a drop spindle then on the ashford kiwi. i eventually got an ashford joy (great for its portability and carrying case) for xmas so that was rly cool.

double-treadle is *totally* the way to go! much easier on the back. =)

i've seen geood prices for wheels on ebay--ppl who think they're going to spin and then give it up for whatever reason, or who get a starter wheel like the kiwi and move up to a more expensive wheel. so that might be a place to check when you're ready for one. sometimes they're even new.

and look at it this way...buying fiber is cheaper than buying yarn! lol

btw, despite being rly inexpensive i *loved* the little kiwi. it's so cute and it worked really really well.