Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yes I am finally posting the pictures of the shawl. Here are the specs:

Flirty Ruffles Shawl
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-silk white
Needle size: 2

I loved the held up very well with ripping out and re-knitting. I suppose I should say more about it, but what is there left to say. It is now all wrapped and ready to go.( I just need to find a cardboard box to put it in). And I beat the thank you notes so I'm all good.


Jenny said...

Wow, so gorgeous, P! You rock!

Jenny said...

I obviously fixed my commenting problem. I was trying to log in using my user name, but was forgetting the "at" part. Whoopsie!

Rachel said...

That is amazing. Lace is one of those things that I just havent tried yet.

It looks really awesome!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

OMG! i'm sitting here with my mouth gaping open. i had to make all the pics big so i could really appreciate it in all its beauty and full expanse.

wowee! and after reading about it in progress all this time...i am SO totally impressed. it is absolutely gorgeous. what an amazing accomplishment. congrats! ( rly hafta give it away? lol ~ then again, you're probably awfully tired of looking at it...)