Monday, April 23, 2007

Healthy...of sorts

Sorry for the long absence but after being hit with the plague I did nothing but work and sleep for a while. Its only in the last few days that I've felt rather human. I still can't seem to shake this cough though. I will however extol the virtues of Mucinex. That stuff actually works and is worth the $15 for 20 pills.

I didn't do a whole lot of knitting in my illness. I knit some on the random baby blanket that I started on our trip to Florida. It doesn't require much attention and its done on bamboo needles. I did finish the ribwarmer (minus the trim on body and one arm hole) and the damn thing is too small for me. But I couldn't rip it out because I took real care with the seaming and it looks too good to rip apart. I'll either give it to someone's kid or a friend of mine who is incredibly waif-ish. (yes Emily, I mean you) I do like the pattern...I have some other yarn that should do well for one of these. So much for the selfish knitting, huh. I will have pic soon. It needs to be modeled to show it...otherwise it just looks like a cabled blob with holes.

The visit with my Mum and little bro (he's 14) went well despite the plague. I'm back into buying comics because of the little punk. Actually I never really had to buy too many comics...most of the guys I dated were comic geeks and I just read all theirs. My husband is probably the first who doesn't collect comics and we've been together for nearly 10 years (together, not married). That's a long time without comics. So now I'm hooked again. I've found 3 shops in the area. I've also started playing Exile again. I wanted to go through all the Myst games in order before I play the latest two. I also realize that I need to buckle down and learn this html stuff for real. I guess I'm getting my geek on these days. So that's where I'm at.


Rach said...

Jack and I(went to Heroes and Hitters in Rocky Hill. They're pretty cool there and do subs with discount. We both recommend getting "Powers." It rocks! Start out with the "Kaotic Chick" trade. Good stuff there.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

robyne said...

oh man your house is going to be the COOLEST for a kid- comics, gaming, kittens around every corner....

Obsidian Kitten said...

spouse goes thru comic (uh, graphic novel) phases -- he came home from NY with Joss Whedon's Fray and says it's excellent.

only ones i ever rly got into were "Stray Toasters"--but that's only b/c they were SO beautiful. however, i do have a real weakness for Neil Gaiman. but don't tell anyone, k? lol

i dragged him to The Spinning Loft to pick up some new bobbins for my wheel (and fondle roving and... well, you know...) when we were [finally] leaving he said to me, "OH! I get it...this is like your version of a comic book store."

um, yes honey, that's it EXACTLY.