Monday, February 05, 2007


Thanks everyone! I am feeling much better today. Not quite the way i want to lose weight though. And it put me a day and a half behind on painting. That's where I was for the last 13-1/2 hours. Lots of progress made but still very behind. The whole sick thing also has another negative aspect. I am a recovering anorexic/bulimic and the not eating for 2 days with lots of vomiting thrown in doesn't quite help in the recovery. I did eat some today. Not as much as I probably should have. But its a start. I'm a little scared to. Just like since the (stupid) traffic ticket I'm paranoid and think every car around me is a cop, I now think every food is potential poison. Or maybe my love was checking out my life insurance policies again. Hrm....

I did manage some knitting during my couch time yesterday. I finished the baby hat. P
ictures as soon as it is blocked because right now it looks like its for a mutant baby.

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roxtarchic said...

i'm am SO sorry about my comment (the jeans bit)... but i'm glad you're feeling better!
resting & knitting are good for what ails all of us! ;)