Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Domestic phase

I'm experiencing this weird domestic goddess phase. I decided to take last night off from painting since I was an hour late getting out of work and completely exhausted. I figured on a restful evening and an early start today. So I stayed home and did dishes (many that had been sitting there for a while), three loads of laundry (I even mended my love's torn clothing that I found when folding it!), unpacked the maternity clothing my sister-in-law gave me (she's cleaning out all that stuff and sent it in case I ever want it) and repacked it in a plastic bin, packed up the leftover's for love's lunch today and knit 2 squares of a new baby blanket. *whew* We never did manage to get to bed early, though I slept very well *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I mean*

Today I was up fairly early and had a very productive morning painting before they had rehearsal. And I kept up on dishes. I also nearly made some bread but realized I didn't have time for it to rise. Its only a 5 hour break between painting shifts. I could have done much this afternoon, but decided to take it easy and knit while watching The Man in the Iron Mask. I'm just working on a baby blanket to go with the hat and booties. These are out of some random kitchen cotton (the natural I know is Sugar and Cream, the blue I have no clue). Isis grudgingly agreed to help model.

I'm starting to realize that I can stop and take some time for myself and don't have to be on the go constantly. It's a start. Well I must be off to eat before I start flinging paint again. Ciao.

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Jenny said...

If you start weaving in ends as you go, I will start to worry. But, I think we're ok until then. ;)