Friday, February 16, 2007

Ah Freedom

Sorry about the freakout on the last post. Its been a stressful week. Monday/Tuesday kinda went like this

7am: get up and go to work at store
6pm: get out of work head home and have dinner
7:30ish -9pm: lay down and try to get some rest
9:30pm- arrive at theatre and start painting
8am-finish painting and leave theatre
10am- fall into bed
1:30pm- get up
2pm- shower and get dressed
3pm- have your employee call out for the following day due to the impending snowstorm then your boss call and tell you the auditor is coming tomorrow and you need to be to work at 7 am.

yeah , it sucked... and worse yet. After driving to work in a snow/ice storm she never came!!! we did about $600 the whole day and they closed the store at 6pm. She's suppose to be there today and I am off today. Completely off. No theatre, no store, no driving to another state, no going to the hospital to have them shove stuff in me. Off and home alone with the kitties.


I may even scrub out the tub and take a bath with the lovely lavender stuff from Obsidian Kitten. Until then I'm in cooking mode. I'm making homemade sauce and meatballs and stuffed shells. I'm in a goomba mood today. So come on over and bring your knitting. Its all about good food, warm fires and relaxing.

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Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, that sauce looks soooooo amazing!

and yay, you got your first issue of Bust!

bust makes me a very happy grrl... =)