Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Things that are RED

Tomatoes- I'm Italian and I make my own sauce. I (attempt) to grow my own tomatoes. How could I not love them. Nothing quite like a fresh ripe tomato with a smattering of salt. Mmmmmm

Berries! All of them. Sweet on the strawberries and tart for the rest. Is there anything more wonderful than fresh produce? Honestly I'd be happier with a bowl of fresh berries than cake any day. That being said....

Cherry pie is a fine mix of fruit and pastry. I have been craving one of these for a while. Note to self: buy cherries/pie filling before impending snowstorm

Pomegranates: I love these things. And though I might look like Daenerys with the heart of a stallion while eating one, I think that just makes me like them all the more. 

Northern Cardinal (the bird, not the team)  In my family they are somewhat of an omen or reminder of those who have left us. Whether that is true or not, there is nothing quite so heartwarming on a cold winter day as the sight of that brilliant plumage.

Red- the movie. I love this movie. It re-established my love affair with Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren once again proves how wonderful she is. (She still is my top choice for a female Doctor, but then that's a discussion for another day) This is a movie I have no problem watching over and over again.

A red dress- There's just something about a red dress that just makes you feel fabulous. And that is one reason that I wore one for my wedding rehearsal. (The other is that I just couldn't pass up the chance to walk down the asile of the church in a red dress and purple veil. Even if the priest did give me the stink eye. I know my old priest was looking down from above and laughing his arse off)

And with a fabulous dress you need fabulous shoes. I know that in the book they are silver, but these are so iconic. And I have been lusting for a replica pair to sport around town as long as I can remember. I have a supplier for the sequins and the schematics on the shoes....I just need to find a shoemaker (and apparently a winning lottery ticket) If I ever end up in a wheelchair, I will get these shoes and they will be on my feet.

And last but not least.....

a favorite thing of mine that is red.....

because...well because it's frigging DEADPOOL and he's awesome. Don't believe me??? Here are a few more examples.

    So there!

    Anywho, back in my realitiy things are almost to the point where I can start writing again. Work has been crazy busy with the build of Thoroughly Modern Millie, and I've not had much time to think....let alone eat lunch or blog.  And numerous snow days means I've gotten further behind by working being shut down or having my 'assistant' with me. But load in starts tomorrow and we will challenge the age old question of "Can the scenic paint faster than the carpenters can truck things to the theatre?" Also known as I was given a 35' foot wall today that has to get painted before it is trucked over sometime before the end of the day tomorrow. After that, you will be hearing from me again.

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    Rachel Cutler said...

    The cardinal reminds me of my Polish grandma. Our Christmas tree always had at least one Cardinal. And every time there was one in the tree outside her kitchen window she would bring me there to watch for a little while. It may not have been about those past then but it is now.