Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Enough already!

How does one end a craptacular day that included such joys as:

  • Starting the day literally (and I am using it in the truest sense of the word) having had no sleep
  • A breakfast consisting of two left over dino-nuggets and a perigoi
  • Stupid traffic
  • Being so tired you swear the city bus said "Zombie Express"
  • Unrealistic expectations at work (you gave me the fucking wall yesterday. NO it won't be done today)
  • A lunch consisting of a yogurt, a tangerine and the dregs of a bag of potato chips
  • Impending snowstorm made worse by the knowledge that your spouse's employer booked them hotel rooms next door in lieu of closing
  • The two year old experiencing a poop-splosion in a public venue that ends up thwarting a trip to the store for snow day essentials (thank the gods I hit the liquor story first)
  • Completely wiping out on ice in the driveway and sustaining minor injuries (luckily not carrying the bottle of booze)
  • and the unexpected arrival of your body's 'scheduled maintenance' 

One ends it in bed with some sock knitting, hot tea, two purring cats and the DVD of Shaun of the Dead your fabulous sister-in-law got you for your birthday and the knowledge that you don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Unless it is to get the craft supplies to keep the minions busy.

Yes. Other people storm prep with eggs, milk and bread. My shopping list consisted booze, contact paper and glitter paint.

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