Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

It seemed like everyone enjoyed it a few weeks ago when I changed from a subject to a writing prompt for our weekly topic, so let's do it again. This time, I invite you to write 10 sentences that begin with the words "I feel. . . "

  1. I feel...tired. The alarm went off while I was deep in dream-state and I'm still struggling to pull out of it.
  2. I feel...worried about our older cat. We've discovered a large lump in Isis's chest. I know cats are prone to fatty tumors, but at her age surgery will be rough on her.
  3. I feel...annoyed about work. I wasn't expecting an on-stage day. It's nice to get back in a day earlier than I thought but it messes up with my plans for the day.
  4. I feel...pleased that the designer seams happy with the set. I had more on my list of notes but she's happy to leave it as it, until she can see it under lights.
  5. I feel...conflicted on the next show. We're printing the drop. Part of me is relieved because it will cut down the work load in a shortened build schedule. The other part is somewhat offended that the designer would rather have it printed in painted. It always feels like it is a slight on my skills.
  6. I feel...lonely.
  7. I it is time for winter to end.
  8. I feel...sick of the rollercoaster I am on regarding my health.
  9. I it is getting time to start taking some mental health days and so some things *I* want to do.
  10. I another cup of tea. 

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