Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This one is an easy one especially since I've not had breakfast yet. I love doing what we call 'big breakfast'. A breakfast/brunch buffet is pure heaven for me. My husband doesn't eat eggs so we are limited in our options at home. I'd eat breakfast every morning in a little diner if my metabolism and my wallet could handle it.

 10 Favorite Breakfast Foods

  1.  Bacon- Like this was even a question. Bacon makes everything taste better. That's why it is the candy of meats. 
  2. Eggs Benedict- love them. Have them rarely because they are such a pain to make. My favorite varation had smoked salmon instead of the ham. Pure Heaven. 
  3. Soft scrambled eggs. There is a trick to doing them just right, but when the are....mmmmmm. Top them with a little Frank's Hot Sauce, salt and maybe some cheese and scallions.
  4.  French Toast- Both plain and the stuffed variety we do. (It's stuffed with cream cheese and jam)
  5. Scones- all kinds...sweet or savory. 
  6. Fried eggs, sunny side up. Love my runny yokes. 
  7. Hash browns- I much prefer these over home fries. Don't really know why, just do. Make them nice and crispy. 
  8. Corned beef Hash- the little diner near us does their hash from scratch. LOVE IT. Again keep it on the griddle until it's nice and crispy.
  9. Smoked salmon- Not just for bagels and cream cheese and capers, but also with eggs. We became very spoiled during our honeymoon in Alaska with the HUGE platter of smoked salmon at the breakfast buffet every day. 
  10. Fresh fruit- of any kind. I really love fresh fruit at breakfast. It's a good counter balance if having a large heavy breakfast or a nice compliment to a light one. 
I must add my list of beverages....Tea is a must. Usually a black tea in the morning, though will go green if the fare is lighter. And coffee. I only seem to really drink coffee in the morning if we are doing a big meal....or I need it for work. And a juice of some sort.I'm not married to the traditional orange. I usually like a good cranberry juice.

I've been a tad silent of late. Work is kicking my arse....as well as my legs and hands and arms. Last week was spent entirely laying out a floor full of scenery. Forced perspective buildings with lots and lots of windows. And now I am painting them...in the style of pen and ink drawings. Very tedious. And surprisingly tiring.
But (!) I had a amazingly productive weekend and took pictures. Let's just say the new sewing set-up is really working out.

 Now back to tiny brushes and black paint.

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Donna said...

I forgot about scones. Cinnamon chip ones seem to be my favorite. I also like Maple Walnut, when I can find them. Great list!