Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy Calendar Day!


It hardly seems real. I remember saying something last year about 2013 was going to be a better year. Yeah, I won't be saying anything like that this year. It certainly was an interesting year to say the least. It was a year of changes.
  •  I switched MS treatments...twice. The washout periods between drugs were less than pleasant...flare-ups and fatigue being the predominate issues. I also had a nasty withdrawal from another drug.
  •  I designed my first main-stage show. Unfortunately this fell in one of my washout periods and the whole project was less enjoyable and more stress than I expected.
  •  Little Dude started kindergarten and Little Miss has grown from a little toddler to a pre-schooler full of personality. Little Dude has adjusted to 'Big Kid School' very well. His first report card was excellent. He shows an aptitude to math and science and had perfect scores in art. Little Miss was moved up into a higher class back in October. She's speaking more and using more complete sentences. She has no problem expressing her opinion, and boy, does she have opinions.
  • We've made some progress on the house, but no where the amount we had hoped. We've made some big progress in the last week or two that should allow us to really push forward on the main projects.
  • I did make progress in the Big House Purge. There is more to go, but I think I made a pretty good dent in the project. 
  • It was a slow crafting year...I didn't finish much or start that much. The fatigue really left me too tired to focus. I remember sitting there one night and the crochet hook in my hand was just too damn heavy. How sad is that?!? 
  • My goal of getting rid of diapers in the house in 2013 didn't happen...completely. Disposable diapers are gone. Pull-ups are still a part of daily life, but there are a lot more successful potty events. In fact, Little Miss used the potty on her own all Christmas day. 
  • Our first year in the community garden. Despite our wonderful yard, it has a lot of shade. Pretty much there is no part of our yard that has full sun.  Our first year was a learning experience and I think we will try again next year. Hopefully this year's weather will be a bit more cooperative. 
  The time between Christmas and New Year's my job shuts down. They found they save more money by giving us the time off and shutting down the campus (unplugging everything and turning down the heat) than they would by making us come in. Typically I get a lot done during this week, but now that Little Dude is in regular school, he has the same vacation time. Having him home, and some days his sister too, means that projects don't get my full attention. I'm also still not up full steam after only two treatments. I've been dealing with something...I don't know what...depression...fatigue...just general malaise...mixed in with some insomnia. Throw in a healthy dose of anti-social leanings. It's frustrating. I know I could be...should be...accomplishing so much with my time. But I'm not.
  Tomorrow is our return to work and school (if the coming snow storm doesn't cause closings). A new show waits for me and we have to hit the ground running. I'm hoping all that will snap me out of whatever I am in.

   So what am I hoping for in the new year? 
  • That I do well on the treatments again, and I go back to having days where I forget I have MS.
  • Finding some financial stability.
  • Making some major progress on the house. 
  • More success in our garden. 
  • Getting Little Miss into the pre-K at Little Dude's school. This will help me greatly when I have to handle drop-off and pick-up all on my own.
  •  More crafting
  • More cooking and baking
  • Getting the husband to laugh more. 
What am expecting in the new year?
    Nothing. I'm trying to go into this one more open to whatever is going to come.

So let's see what happens.

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