Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Moments from 2013

2013 has been a rough year but there have been a few bright moments:

  1. Discovering that I would be able to go back on my original MS treatment. I was devestated last January with my tests came back positive for the virus antibodies that put me at risk of a potentially fatal infection while under this treatment. A short while later it was discovered that it was more than just a matter of positive or negative, but a scale of positive. I was tested and my numbers were among the lowest they had yet seen (very good news). Actually with numbers so low I could revert back to negative. After my new treatment failed to be all that we hoped, we decided to put me back on the infusions. I've had two so far. I'm not back to feeling as well as I had when I went off of it, but I am hopeful. 
  2. Walking down Main Street with my family to the ice cream shop and Little Dude is randomly humming The Imperial March. A perfect stranger at a sidewalk cafe overheard and erupted into laughter. He totally made her day. The Geek is strong with this one. 
  3. Getting Little Dude into the magnet school of our choice and him starting kindergarten. And what did he wear on his first day of school?? The sweater that I knitted for him.
  4. Got our first plot in the community garden. It wasn't a complete success but I think we'll be doing it again. 
  5. My daughter exclaiming "These shoes match my dress!" in regards to the Cinderella shoes that I picked up from Target and the dress I had made her for Halloween. She wears the shoes every night when we read bedtime stories. (Don't ask. I don't know.)
  6. My husband and I reaching out 11th wedding anniversary. 
  7. Last February I was a covergirl for our local chapter of the National MS Society. ( Go here to check it out and then click 'Spring 2013'.) And my neurologist will never let me forget it. 
  8.  I was asked to cut the ribbon at the MS Walk in April, and Little Dude helped me.
  9. We made tremendous strides in potty training in our house.
  10. And this conversation:
Little Miss noticed my stained glass TARDIS  and started talking about Dr. Who at dinner one night.
Me: Do you want to be the Doctor's companion when you get bigger?
Little Miss: No. I want to be a Dalek.
Little Dude: People don't turn into Daleks. They just get zapped by the Daleks. Cybermen turn people turn people into other Cybermen.
Husband: *turning to me* Are you training them?!?
 So there it is. And hoping that for next year we all will have too many favorite moments to count.

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Rachel Cutler said...

It looks like you'll have better luck with the geek mojo. We keep trying to get Em to watch any Star Wars. Because you know it has a great princess who kicks butt. I was told in no uncertain terms that "I don't like princesses who kick butt." My geek self didn't take so much a dip as my feminist self.