Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What day is it?

Holidays always screw me up. I'm lucky I know what day of the week it is during a "normal" week, let alone one connected to a long weekend. I took a bit of a break of late for a few reasons. I'm up to my armpits in scenery at work. The oppressive heat has come back and kicked my MS into overdrive, making anything outside of the basic duties of living a luxury.

And Little Dude started Kindergarten. (!!!!)

I feel like I just yesterday I was posting about his birth and now he's a little man. Five years ago I introduced you to this:

And here he is now.

First day of Kindergarten and no tears. From either of us. And notice he's sporting some knitted duds. Here's a better look at his 'First Day' attire. The back pack is Lego Star Wars with Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Lunch bag is Scooby Doo. (we like the classics)

Yes, I actually knitted something and got it done on time. The pattern is Boys Can Wear Pink by Kate Oates. The yarn is some recycled Tahki Cotton Classic from my frogged Kyoto sweater. And I've never knit for someone who appreciates it more. He picked out the pattern (Dude loves wearing ties) and the colors from what I had in my stash. I still need to duplicate stitch a skull and crossbones on the tie. I finished the sweater at 2am before school and it was still damp when we got up. I tossed it in the dryer while he had breakfast. I had pulled out a back up shirt in case I didn't finish on time. I stopped him and asked if he wanted to wear that one or the sweater and he yelled "MY TIE SWEATER"  all while dancing for joy. He got no less than 6 compliments on it during the walk inside. And what did I get for it??? Random attacks of kisses  and "Thank you Mom, I love my sweater." even days later. I think I'm going to have to knit a winter version too.

Forget trying to knit for my husband anymore. Little Dude knows how to thank a knitter. :)

As for the first (half) week of school. He did wonderful. No tears. He already has all the ladies charmed. I even ran into his teacher one morning after dropping him off and she said that he was doing fantastic. Little did she know she had a surprise waiting for her that morning. The evening before he drew pictures of all the new rules and brought them in to give to her. (Yeah, he's a sweetie) His first day included Art class, which thrilled him beyond measure. The brush doesn't fall too far from the bucket with this one. I think we will see some great things out of this kid this year.

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