Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

1. Kitchen Shears- I love my Henckels. I use these things for everything....snipping herbs, cutting up food for the kids, and opening packages. I would love a few more around the house because they have a habit of wandering off.

2. Egg slicer- Still the fastest way to make egg salad.

 3. Orange peeler- so very simple but so very effective.

4. Ceramic slicer- This is fabulous for giving you nice thin garlic. Just watch your fingers. This is responsible for about 90% of my kitchen injuries.

5. Silicon spatula- heat resistant and beyond useful.

 6. Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker- mix the ingredients, pour them in and in 30 minutes you have fabulous ice cream. Or frozen yogurt. Or lemon ice...even vodka lemon ice.

7.  Stick blender- This was essential when making I was making my own baby food. I use it for making smoothies, pasta sauce, soup, and applesauce. The whisk attachment is great for pancake batter, boxed cakes and homemade ice cream. The food processor attachment comes in handy for a lot of things, though the one on my older one was much better.

8. Ulu knife and bowl- we bought one of these on our honeymoon to Alaska. I love this thing. Nothing beats it for cutting hot grilled cheese or pb&j. It's great on herbs and nuts too.And it is perfect for chopping up candy bars for ice cream mix ins.

 9. Zyliss corkscrew- my favorite corkscrew. Just put it on and turn. You just keep twisting and it both enters the cork and pulls it out. It also has a nifty little foil cutter to get the wrapper off the top of the bottle without cutting your hand open.

10. Kitchen Aid mixer- a must have. It handles tough mixing jobs as well as ones that require stamina. I love the food grinder attachment as well. The only thing I wish it had was a feature my stepmother's old stand mixer had: a lever that would shift the bowl over a few inches off center. The beaters would get close to the edge and it gave you enough room to add ingedients. The bowl chute just doesn't quite do it. That and I wish I had this limited edition model.

So, what can't you live without in the kitchen?


kmkat said...

Love the Wonder Woman KitchenAid! Hmm, I wonder if I could paint mine...

Donna said...

We have that same ice cream maker and it's great. French vanilla seems to be the family favorite