Friday, August 09, 2013

It's Friday!!!

And the end of my first official week back at work. It hardly seems like it's been a full week. Of course the fact that my co-workers have been in and out and I've been working all over the place may have something to do with it.

 My husband's employees who just had a baby came and got Little Miss's crib and changing table/dresser. Which means tomorrow will be the Big Furniture Switcharoo. Well phase two of it. Phase one involved getting the crib out of her room, moving Little Dude's toddler bed into her room, putting the toddler rail back onto it, and putting the twin mattress in his room. Now that the dresser/changer is gone, I can move the dresser my husband has been using into her room. It was my dresser growing up and part of the bedroom set she will eventually be using. My husband will be using the one I currently have storing art supplies, until we find one we really like on Craigslist. When he and I figure out our bedroom furniture situation, then I can hang the art back up in there.

Meanwhile Little Dude has his mattress on the floor until we (meaning my husband) builds the loft bed or we break down and buy one.

I'm starting to work out some deocration for Little Miss's room as well. I saw this online the other day and knew I had to make her one. It is currently in production. I have the frame (though ours isn't as elaborate) and the panel is drying as I write this. I'll work on the text layout this weekend and paint the letters next week. The line is from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and very fitting. For both of us. 

She is my little pink princess but has a healthy geek streak in her. She knows Darth Vader on sight and walks around singing "Nananananananana....BATMAN!" at the top of her lungs. After reading the first Fancy Nancy book, she wants to make her room all fancy. Who am I to deny her. I secretly have a fancy girly side. Mine is just less pink and more black/purple/red. But it still has all of the sparkle. Hey, who can resist the power of the shiny?

 And the decoration in Little Dude's room will shortly begin production. I'm just waiting on material to arrive.

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