Monday, September 08, 2008

All in the Timing

That's more than just a collection of David Ives plays in my life. I had to make it to my anniversary date of September 4th to qualify for my short term disability leave. I wasn't too worried as I was due on the 17th and told I would most likely be late.

Imagine my surprise when my water breaks at 4 am on the 5th! My little guy waited just long enough and then decided to arrive....two weeks early! We were so unprepared. We had planned on the weekend as our time to finish up the baby prep. The joke was on us.

At 5:22pm on the 5th our little one was born. It was 13 1/2 hours from when my water broke. I had no drugs, no epidural...there was no time to really even consider one. Someone got a little stuck and I was almost headed for a c-section. But I did it...and he's wonderful.

For sake of privacy I'm not posting his name on the net but the initials of his first and middle name are JA. We just came home yesterday and haven't up loaded pictures yet.

So there it is...don't know when I'll get on next.


Anonymous said...

Paula, I am soooo happy for you and the boy --welcome JA! I'll gice you a call later in the week!

Jenny said...

Welcome little guy! I'm SO happy for you guys! :)

Kris said...

Welcome little one! Hope you are all doing well!

Mouse said...


Karen said...

Welcome home JA! I love the name you guys chose. I hope you are all doing well!

Amy said...

Totally awesome! I can't wait to meet him. Take care and enjoy your time.

KnitKat said...

I wish you all well!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I hope you're getting at least a little sleep!

Robyne said...

That's wonderful news!!! COngrats on the newest member of the family-