Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Takin care of business

Last week I went back to work and jumped right in and hit the ground running. So I've been utterly exhausted. I'm taking it easy as much as I can. I was sore as hell last week, but at least I am sleeping again. Though now I am dealing with swelling of my hands and feet. Luckily I took my rings off a few weeks ago. I was using a inherited ring as a substitute wedding band, but it is of too much sentimental value to wear at work. My hands go up and down so much I don't think any rings could be comfortable. Most nights I come home and crash on the couch with my feet up. Some day I hope to see my ankle bones again.

I did get some sewing done. The dust ruffle for the crib is nearly complete. My bag is all prepped, I just need to sit down and do a marathon sewing session. The earliest that could happen is Friday night. I've got a full week with my hospital tour, lactation class and a doctor's appointment. I've chosen a doula and I'm starting to get our little guy's stuff situated. I swear he already has more clothes then the both of us combined. He's head down now, which means he's kicking my ribs and stomach constantly.

We took him to his first concert...NIN. He loved it, but then who couldn't love Trent Reznor. The show was amazing. It was the most visually stimulating concert that I've ever been to. Of course we were getting our geek on by analyzing the equipment. It was my last concert for a while and what a memory to have to cling to.

My brain is fried at this point, I think I've updated on everything...I'm off to bed.

I'm just watched Serenity again and you know, I still can't forgive Joss Whedon for what he did to Wash.

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roxtarchic said...

my feet used to swell like BALLOONS (made the hand swelling look like amateur nite at the apollo)... i figured out it was the wendys spicy chicken and fries... but also heat triggered me so drink lots and lots h20.... i wore my wedding ring on a chain around my neck... and i RRRRREALLY need to get you this bag of goodies.... i can just drive by and drop it off!!!! whatcha doin next wk/end!?