Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Guess where I'm posting this from??  I have my laptop. *happy dance* And I love my geek-boy who reassembled it last night. There were several blue streaks being uttered from that side of the room so I think I owe him a cheese cake. It make take me a few days to get up and running with this presentation on my plate but just having the laptop is a start.

Anywho...on with the show:

10 Things You Love To Do on the Weekend

  1. Sleep in- though I've not been able to do this in about 4 years. 
  2. Big Breakfast- either out at the diner or cooked up at home. A full breakfast with the works bacon/sausage/hash, home fries, eggs, pancakes/waffles/french toast, fruit, juice and coffee. I miss the days of going to the diner every weekend.
  3. Dress in non-paint clothes- while many others like to dress down on the weekends, I take the opportunity to wear something a bit nicer than my daily uniform of paint spattered jeans and my workhorse t-shirts.
  4. Reading the paper- which is getting harder of late. And it doesn't help that the paper guys don't seem to understand that I want my Sunday paper by the time I get up. I always organize it first, then read it, for the most part, in the same order. 
  5. Knitting- duh!
  6. Getting out of the house- during the week I usually go right from work to picking up the kids to home and that's it. I like to get out every now and then.
  7. Time Machine to see the trains- the hobby store has a train club and they open the train room for the public to see two Sundays a month. I love taking the minions there. We could lose a paycheck or two in that store.
  8. Play in the backyard- We've got a big back yard and we try to make use of it. We constantly talk about all the plans we have for the landscaping that just never quite get done but I still love the yard. And the minions love it too.
  9. Movies- Staying up later to watch a movie or two once the minions go to bed.
  10. Library- this is a Saturday tradition with the minions. They love the play things the library has and Little Dude has started using the computers there to play some games. We always leave with stacks of books and movies. 
Great...now I'm looking forward to the weekend and it's only Tuesday. 


Nichole said...

Fun list- happy Ten on Tuesday!

Beverly said...

I like to enjoy the back yard, too!