Saturday, August 08, 2009

Random stuff

This summer hasn't progressed exactly as I had hoped.
Frequent rain and thunder storms thwarted many outdoor plans. Weeds have once again infiltrated and overrun my planting beds. June 26th a tornado went through my town as I was driving to get my son from daycare. It was small and short as tornadoes go, but here in Connecticut we aren't very used to them. We were incredibly lucky. We lost leaves and branches and power for about 24 hours. The hail did a lovely number on my hostas and the rhododendron is several feet shorter. Others were not so lucky. Six houses had to be condemned, one of which was bisected by a tree. Many old and large trees did not survive. Some look like snapped toothpicks, many others toppled, their roots giving away with the wet ground and high winds. Amazingly no one was hurt. I was in the car during the brunt of the storm and was completely terrified. My son, who I was desperately trying to get to, fared much better. While the other kids at daycare were crying during the storm, he was in the jolly jumper bouncing and laughing away. Did I mention he shows signs of being an adrenaline junky?

The Opera job that we do every spring turned out to be a much longer project, cutting into my summer free time. Once that was on the truck, we then took a road trip to visit family. I've learned much on the road with a 10 1/2 month old. I've also gained a new skill...the car seat diaper change which is done while the child is still strapped in and the car still in motion. (note: this only works on pee diapers. Do not attempt on poopy diapers!)

One of the highlights of the summer has been the Green Day concert. I cannot gush enough about this. It is up there with last years NIN concert in the best I've ever seen. The Bravery opened and then Green Day played for THREE HOURS!!!! At one point Billie Joe (*sigh*) pulled a girl out of the audience and had her play guitar on Jesus of Suburbia on his own guitar. I was hoarse and deaf and very, very happy at the end of it all. The concert was a much needed release. It reminded me why I used to go clubbing. There are no good clubs here and now I've got a very active little boy who keeps me rather busy. The whole night just added fuel to the fire of my fan-girl crush on Billie Joe Armstrong. I'm insanely jealous of my friend Lisa who is the head scenic on the theatrical version of American Idiot. If I were only closer...

I have managed to get a bit of knitting done in the midst of work, home improvement projects, and running after my little dude. I finished 3 socks on the road trip; a second sock for my husband and a pair for my physical therapist.

Blue socks

The blue ones are for my husband, who wanted some more warm socks for work. The green ones look much, MUCH better in person. I'm having a hard time photographing them and getting the real color. I'll keep trying. The blue ones are Patons Classic Merino and the green are Cascade 220.

Green socks

I also made a shower gift for a friend of mine. This picture doesn't include the blue ribbon over the elastic but you get the idea. What I love best about this, besides being a very fast, easy knit, is that the yarn is called Seduce. I find that absolutely perfect for a bridal garter. The pattern is
Courtney's Bit of Blue by Susan Valent. The yarn, Seduce by Berroco.


I've been attempting to do some sewing as well. I'm not making much progress. I'm working on seat covers for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs for the little dude. I've only gotten as far as washing the fabric and cutting it out. Isn't this the best flame fabric you've ever seen though?
Flame Fabric
I plan on incorporating this into his room with the dragon theme. I think it works as dragon fire.

I want to offer a moment of silence for John Hughes................
His death came as a shock and brought about much discussion and reminiscing. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles are among some of my favorite movies and all bring back fond memories of my youth. Ferris Bueller is responsible for my crush on Matthew Broderick.

Most of my time not working is spent babyproofing and chasing the little dude. I should have forseen things with all the movement in utero, but I still wasn't expecting to have a 10 month old who walks. And shortly after his first solo steps he discovered he much prefers to run. Now at 11 months he's increased in speed and experimenting with climbing. The cats, much to their dismay, are of incredible interest. But perhaps they will finally lose some weight. J is a ball of curiosity and laughs. He took great delight in my ball winder, working it quite adeptly. We'll have needles in those hands soon enough.



thepaintedsheep said...

Great picture! He's so cute!

Heather said...

Both of my girls walked at ten months, too. It doesn't seem possible when you such a tiny human perambulating about, does it?

karen cavanaugh said...

P - Been a long time since I've checked up on blogs, (blame facebook), but when I got to this point I had to say that He IS SOOOOO soooo cute. I can't believe he WALKS!

neil said...

Hi.. I ♥ the flame fabric. Where can I buy it... please email me a link at xxx

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to know where you got the fabric from. I am making a quilt for my husband who is retiring from the fire department and it is, hands down, the best looking flame fabric I have seen. Please email me the info if you would. Thanks so much!