Monday, August 10, 2009

The spirits are not amused

So being a mom has opened a whole new world for me. I am aware of a whole different plane of existence. I am now very aware of which bathrooms have baby changing stations. I shop new aisles at the grocery store and spend a lot more time at kid stores.

In the last several trips to Toys R Us I've noticed a new and disturbing trend. By now most of you know my motto is No Pink Without Skulls. It seems that companies are taking this trend of pink for girls to a whole new level. Almost every toy has a pink "girl" version. Even Tinker Toys. Yes , pink TINKER TOYS!!!! (because girls wouldn't want to build anything unless it was pink) This has even bled over in to the realm of board games. Pink Scrabble and pink Life but what really got me was this:

Seriously? Pink Ouija. Somehow I don't think the spirit world is going to be too keen on this.


NutmegOwl said...

My motto: No pink, period. Thus far, my Owlet has managed to pretty much skip it, though I've been suffering through the pepto tide since her birth. Ixnay on the ijawouay.

Rach said...

Yep, that sounds like my world. In addition to that my family just loves to buy pink for Em. I have told them which colors we prefer. Em looks good in green and yellow as well. I've had some success. But some still think little girls should wear pink.

This toy crap I absolutely refuse to buy. If the primary color tinker toys were good enough for me they will be good enough for my daughter!

Severina said...

Ye gods, hopefully they haven't manufactured pink Lincoln Logs!

I absolutely despised pink when I was a little girl. My mother insisted in dressing me in it and I was a redhead then so you can imagine what a retina-burning sight that was.

I've only started to appreciate pink when I began collecting 1950s clothes. Pink rules with black. I've recently frogged a moth-eaten pink cashmere top and an ugly black cashmere sweater and I'm trying to make up a vest with a gothy Faire-Isle pattern.

Trying to, not exactly succeeding at.