Sunday, May 31, 2009

A dainty dish to set before the King

So I thought I would share a few of the things that have kept me from blogging.

On of the biggest has been J's foray into solid foods. It sounds simple enough but I swear I did less research in the whole of college. There is so much to know about what foods they can have at what age, reactions to look for. We make our own baby food for the most part (except peas. I HATE peas and they are a pain to make so we get that jarred) We are attempting to keep him organic as possible so that has meant some extra hunting for just the right foods. Luckily we have a fabulous local organic farm that does online ordering. They email me a food list, I reply with what I want and then Friday evening I go pick it up. Urban Oaks...check it out. I think more neighborhoods need something like this. A fabulous plan for those empty lots.

This site: Wholesome Baby Food
and this book: Super Baby Food
have been my bibles as well. This is where I've been getting the bulk of my information on what to feed him when, and how to make it. I freeze the food in ice cube trays and thaw them as I need them. It's very convenient and I know what's going into his little body. And so far he's liked everything (though the last few days he's been rejecting the green beans). He's just starting to get the hang of finger foods. We have to give him one Cheerio at at time because it takes great concentration to pick one up. Otherwise they are all over the floor.

I also spend a fair amount of time on the American Pregnancy Association forums. These ladies helped me through my infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy and motherhood. They've been a big help with my early struggles in breastfeeding. I'm not one of those psycho breastfeeding Nazis and I'm not going to lecture here. I will say that it has been one of the most difficult but most rewarding things I have ever done. J has been breastfed from the start and I can proudly say he's never had formula. (not that there's anything wrong with formula feeding. It just is important to me to avoid it if I can. And so far, we have). Here's a few sites that I found immensely helpful in this particular journey:
La Leche League International
Breastfeeding Online
Drug safety during breastfeeding

And now what you've been waiting for with this post...cute messy baby pics.






Mouse said...

Awwww... cute! I did so much research when my guy went to solid food too and ended up doing the same book I got from a Earth Mama friend. My son is going to be 8 this summer and he loves to eat veggies any way you give them to him. He's more of an adventurous eater than most adults I know honestly. I wonder if that has anything to do with raising him to eat actual food instead of pre-packaged crap.

Rach said...

Oh yeah!!!! Very cute. When Em started with finger food it was all about peas, green beans and corn. She still eats them by the fist-full especially the green beans. I didn't go organic for those. I did for the baby foods though. I could never get the puree fine enough for Em. She was fussy with texture like her daddy.

The farmer's markets around here are pretty tough to get to. I'd have to get up at 6am on Sat. Not so easy with a child not fond of sleeping. We have a Wild Oats or whatever company it is now. I still would rather buy from a farmer if I could.

Obsidian Kitten said...

omg! too cute, i can't stand it!

and here i haven't been blogging b/c i'm playing world of warcraft, lol...