Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Two down...

two to go.

Well, we just got Floofy with the have a heart trap and add him to the party in the garage. We found a place that will come and spay/neuter and then release but it is $67 a cat. And we are looking at 4 cats.(hopefully)

Anyone want to sponsor a kitty??

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Obsidian Kitten said...

oh wow! good work, and good luck with the rest.

when i lived back east, a friend & i have-a-heart trapped a stray litter of four kittens (i believe it was oct-nov, brrrr!) and found homes for 3. i kept Emma, and she was a pretty shy housecat for awhile, but no longer.

seriously, good luck! i SOOO hate to see the stray kittens, and there seem to be so many this time of year. we have lots of coyotes (our cats are strictly indoor) but we're also pretty rural.

darn, wish i lived closer, i cd sure use some barn kitties! lol