Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today's adventure

So over the summer a feral cat had kittens under our neighbor's shed. There were early half-hearted attempts to catch them. Our neighbor dropped the ball on the whole thing, except for feeding the lot of them. We have been feeding them as well. I've possibly found a home for one of them...the neighbor lined up some homes but they apparently have fallen through.

We managed to get this one into our garage. We are upping our efforts to catch them due to the drop in temperature and the coyote wandering around our back yard. Yes we have coyotes in the neighborhood...and we are by no means rural. Tomorrow my love is going to see if we can find an organization to help. I did find one online that examines and spays/neuters the feral cats and then releases them into a barn environment. I think this lot would be good for that. They are still very skittish around people.

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Lisa and Robb said...

Have you contacted the local shelters/SPCA? I'll bet they have a lis tof spay-and release organizations.

Coyote, huh? Wow.