Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So much to say...

So few functioning brain cells left. *sigh* well here goes....

Cats: We caught the last one the other night. So I now have 4 feral kittens living in my garage. Its getting cold out there and I feel horrible keeping them in the unheated garage. They would need to be spayed/neutered (to prevent new litters and spraying) and flea dipped before I could even think of bringing them in. As well as checked for disease that could carry to my girls. If all was well then they could be in the studio until we figure out what to do with them. Though, (shudder) I am seriously beginning to consider starting my life long dream of being the crazy cat lady, but this is a lot sooner than I had planned.

The show: I've done 27.5 hours on it in the last 3 days. I'm very nearly done. I have a great story to tell about today's disaster, but too tired for that. Besides I want to have the pics of the set to show you. Either way my back and knees are killing me from a lot of marbling.

Work: sucks...I am very behind because I keep having to fix things. I love most of my staff but they keep giving me aneurysms on a minute by minute basis. At least the days go fast...so fast I look at the clock and realize I should have left an hour earlier.
At least I make my own schedule (within reason) and I am taking Halloween off....from everything. No work at all. It is Halloween a time to remember those who have left us and a time to dress up, sugar up the neighborhood rugrats and party. If it not about costumes, ritual, chocolate or booze...don't talk to me. I haven't even worked on my costume yet. *sigh*

Well...i'm off to bed with some painkillers...(did I mention my uterus has been trying to rip itself out for the last week?) Have I spontaneously combusted yet????


Obsidian Kitten said...

heehee, feral kitties! awwww! (bite, scratch, hisss, grrr!)

as i am already crazy cat lady, my dream is now to start a free spay/neuter clinic. yeah, that's when i win the lottery or become a billionaire. but it's a nice idea. maybe in a van or a motor home, and i could just send some nice vet or veterinary students around trapping and neutering the needy kitties.

i'd have to stay home and knit, of course, or i'd want to adopt all the flea-ridden cats.

yet one must dream...

Lisa and Robb said...

I just did a search on no-kill shelter in Conn....this looks promising:


Good luck with this!


Josh :-p said...

mmmm I have a great kitten stew recipe!!!!