Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Secret Pal Strikes Again!!!

Secret Pal you so rock!
Saturday I decided to run home after work before running to the theatre on a sheer whim. I thought maybe I'd grab a bite before spending the evening crawling around to paint the brick below. Lo and behold there was a box on my doorstep. Inside the box was this...

And inside was this treasure trove...
There are cookie cutters to add to my vast collection (how did you know??!!) in ghost, pumpkin, bat and black cat. A craft kit for a Bat halloween bell. A foam stamp with a skull, gravestone, spooky tree and ghost. A delightfully creepy finger candle with a skull ring tied to it. Spider shaped glitter confetti. An absolutely beautiful charmed folding scissor necklace...(much needed since my scissors often end up under my butt on the couch.) A Ghirardelli "intense Dark " chocolate bar with espresso beans. I nearly died at the sight of that. It is being saved for some intense me time. Lastly was a crafted halloween mix cd full of some my favorite music...quite a creepy eclectic mix. This will probably be my new painting cd.

Again...thank you thank you thank you. Secret pal you rock. Your gift actually convinced me to stay home and take the night off.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you likey!

It sounds like you need more nights off!