Sunday, April 02, 2006

Paint & Yarn

That's what it has mostly been about lately.

Wednesday I went to pull up Kyoto from blocking so that I could reknit the front right side when I found this:

Does she look remorseful or guilty? No of course not. She merely looked at me as if to say "yo, what's up?" Isis would have run away guilty when she heard my yelp. Not Loki. Its easy to be dumb when you are so pretty.

But did you notice that I remembered to take a picture before I removed her from the sweater??!?! Am I becoming a blogger, or what.

At SnB I manged to reknit most of the fubar'd side, and finished it at home that night. It has been safely (read cat free) blocked and the shoulders seamed. I also attached the sash. Now all the remains is the collar and the sleeves. I'm quite giddy. My first completed adult sweater. But I shall say no more lest I curse myself.

I also just finished the second coat of glazing in the room, now dubbed the Apple room, since it is the same color as my favorite type of apple...Granny Smith. I'll get a pic once its dry and the blue tape has been removed.

Saturday was also the Spinner's Guild. I learned a lot and got a lot more done on my drop spindle. I also was checking out a few wheels. I think I'm starting to figure out what I want. My love mentioned picking up an Xbox 360. I said sure then I could get my wheel. For some reason the conversation stopped. hrm...

I have to stop typing now. The glazing did a number on my wrists and they need a break at the moment.


Jenny R said...

Aahhh, I know that scene well. "Hi, mommy! I'm keeping your sweater warm for you! And I shredded that newspaper for you too."

Karen said...

Oh, that's exciting you are so close to finishing your sweater. I am giddy right along with you! I can't wait to see it!

Rach said...

Nope. No remorse whatsoever.

I want to recommend a film to you my textile loving friend. It's a Fr. film called Sequins. I got it from Netflix. Here's the summary.

"After learning she's five months pregnant, 17-year-old Claire (Lola Naymark) leaves her former life behind to give birth in anonymity. An excellent embroiderer, Claire finds work with a professional in the business, Madame Melikian (Ariane Ascaride). Both women bear a heavy burden -- the Madame can't cope with her son's death, and Claire doesn't want to have a child. As they pour themselves into the work they love, the two develop a strong bond."