Friday, April 07, 2006

Flash the Stash!

Yes, that's me. I couldn't resist. *evil grin*

So here it is:

First is the Jaggerspun Zephyr that arrived in the mail today. 1 pound that I won on Ebay on Sunday! Some of it is intended as a wedding gift for my best friend. (The wedding is in July.) Now I just need to get my hands on the pattern.

Wool: mostly Cascade 220, some Patons Classic wool, Lite Lopi that was inherited and the Malabrigo from the knitters breakfast. The Patons is for a cape thingy. The Cascade is what I have been making the bags out of, as well as some socks. And speaking of socks...

This is my collection of sock yarn. Some Opal, some Koigu, Foliage, Confetti...the magenta stuff is handpainted that I picked up at woolstock (Reinbeck Sheep and Wool Festival)


Wool Blends

Mostly wool/acrylic. There is a lovely pile of Silky Wool (the plum) that is going to be a Lavold sweater.


Cotton: A bunch of this was inherited and will probably be sacrificed to the dye bath gods. Most of it is kitchen weight but one can knit only so many dish cloths. The stuff on the right is nice to knit but I forsee it having a life as another color.


Ummm....the rest of this is various forms of acrylic and other stuff much that was obtained before I became a fiber snob. The rest was donated.


This is actually some quality stuff that I have in random amounts. A touch of Debbie Bliss. Some Colinette that was a sweater that I knit and then frogged. Also a skein of Euroflax in black. That is one I wish would tell me what it wants to be.


Yes I realize that this is way more fur yarn than any human should possess. But to be fair I didn't buy any of it. It was all acquired.


So there it is. Damn there's a quite a bit there. But I STILL NEED MORE. And if my husband happens to read this post and says anything, I will post pictures of his lumber rack. And the computer components. And the chainmaile rings.

Remember Payback is a bitch...and so am I.

Sweet dreams.


Lisa and Robb said...

I just about choked, laughing at that first picture!!! You're amazing.

I recently went through a phase of wanting to scale down my possessions, and donated a lot of my weirdo yarn to the recreational therapists at the hospital where my sweetie was recovering.

A few days later, I was gratified to see one of the other patients had helped herself to some of the yarn. She was happy, and I had uncluttered a bit.

Dunno why I'm telling you this. It brought me a smile, in any case...

Jenny R said...

You are too funny! How does one "acquire" that much fun fur? That is obscene.

msfortuknit said...

thanks for the yarngasm!

Rach said...

I was at Borders a couple of weeks ago and I saw this book and thumbed through it. I read a bit on yarn addiction. It made me think of you. You've probably seen it but here it is.