Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Can Do Yourself But You Get Your Spouse/Significant Other To Do

This is an interesting assignment this week. But considering my husband never reads this I have no problem confessing many of these.

  1. Oil Changes. Or anything car related. Frankly it's because I don't like dealing with the people who think my ovaries and breasts make me an idiot and someone they can fleece. I don't have time to waste on morons like that, so I send him
  2. Litter Box. This started when I was pregnant and couldn't clean/change the litter box. And I've just continued it on. The fragrence in the litter these days wreeks havoc on my allergies...even the 'unscented' ones. I always feel like I need a shower after cleaning the box. Besides he is down in the basement all the time. So it's not so hard to walk over, scoop some poop, and then wander back to the man-cave.
  3. Dealing with the corpses of various rodents. We have lots of chipmunks and squirrels around as well as the occasional mouse that sneaks in. When they die I don't deal with the corpses. A dead chipmunk once resided in our hatchway until load-in was done and my husband could get to it.
  4. Laundry. He has wonderfully taken over this task because the up and down the stairs is taxing with the MS. I do it if he's not around, but he typically does the bulk of it. Besides he is usually down there in his man-cave anyway. 
  5. Dishes. I spent half my day at work washing brushes and buckets. The last thing I want to do is go home and wash dishes. Espeically in the winter when my hands are already cracked and bleeding.
  6. Weed Wacking- I will mow the lawn. I love to mow the lawn, but the weed whacker vibrates so much it really hurts my hands and therefore I refuse to do it.
  7. Electrical or Gas. I should learn more of these things but my rule is I don't work on anything that will electrocute me or blow me up. It's kept me alive and our house intact so far.
  8. Drive. When we are both in the car it is assumed that he is driving. I have no problem with that. It means I can knit and manage the minions.
  9. Microwave popcorn. For some reason I can't get the timing on it right. I either stop it too soon and have a bag of un-popped kernels or scorch the shit out of it. 
  10. Any major penis related issues with our son. I left the ultimate decision on circumcision to him with the argument that I don't have a penis and my opinion is lacking in first-hand knowledge. I deal with issues as they arise but somethings I really feel are his to handle. I'll be dealing with Little Miss and her periods, he can teach the boy to pee standing up. 
As a bonus here are the list of things I won't let him do (in case you think I'm a lazy git):
  • Any painting in the house. 
  • I'll reluctantly let him do the foundation layers of mudding the drywall. I do the finish work. 
  • Anything related to the sewing machine. 
  • Much of the cooking. He's not a bad cook and often makes dinner, but when he starts to experiment it can get a little...um...unusual. Yeah, that's the word I'll go with. Unusual.
  • Assembling outfits when it really matters. Love you, honey...but yeah. Those don't go together. 
  • Grocery shopping. I always regret it when I send him instead. Always. 


Linda said...

Oh - me too on the rodent corpses! He deals with those!!

Linda in VA

Rebecca said...

lol. i enjoyed reading your list and i like how you added in things you dont let hime do. now you got me thinking our house needs an equally conveniently placed mancave ;D